Speaker notes



Speaker notes


We’re compiling a list of speaker notes from the 2018 Wellness 360 Conference. You can download the notes in PDF format below. Please check back as we’ll be adding new documents as we get them in.


Create an Environment of Success:

Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice – April Verdi

The choice to consume healthy or unhealthy foods is strongly predicted by
our environment. After work, you may stop for fast food because of the aroma. Or, while
watching your favorite TV show you finished the bag of chips but you cannot remember
the taste. Our environment enables us to mindlessly consume more foods and beverages
than we realize. However, by changing our environment, we can mindlessly trim 100-200
calories per day resulting in a weight loss of 10-20lbs per year. Strategies like removing the
candy dish from your desk or walking through the front door to avoid the kitchen can help
you control the amount and type of foods you eat. The purpose of this presentation is to
look at how structural changes at home and in the workplace will help you create and
sustain healthy lifestyle behaviors.

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We hope that you’ll join us for our 11th annual Wellness 360 Conference on April 12, 2019!