Workshop overview

Take your interest in mindfulness to a new level in this practical workshop and experiential mini-retreat. Participants will learn their personal type of ‘interpersonal’ mindfulness and ways to cultivate communication clarity, team health, and psychological safety with others. A workbook provides many take-away exercises and tools that participants can use with their clients, others at work (team building), and for personal growth. This 4-hour workshop will be held at the conveniently located Holiday Inn- Akron West. Healthy lunch will be provided. Participants are welcome to attend alone or with partners (workplace or other) and individuals from their team.

Interpersonal Mindfulness

Mindfulness is just as much about how we relate with and understand others as it is a special way of paying attention. Interpersonal mindfulness can help those involved in workplace programs on well-being, health and life coaches, and anyone interested in exploring a new perspective on personality and team-building. This experiential workshop and mini-retreat reviews (1) meanings of mindfulness, distinguishing inter- from intra-personal mindfulness, and (2) seven types (and related processes) of interpersonal mindfulness.

Participants will receive cognitive, experiential, and interpersonal learning of seven processes: clarifying values, intentionally centering, heedful relating, nudging compassionately, knowing one’s impact, garnering trust, and thriving. Using a workbook and for each process, participants will (a) receive an overview and definition, (b) get key references/research, (c) self-assess their current interpersonal mindfulness, and (d) explore their self-assessment in several interactive exercises.

The workshop is a mix of mini-lecture, self-assessment, paired exercises, and discussion. Discussion focuses on practical application to professional settings and the role of wellness coordinators/champions in fostering mindful relating in the work culture.


We hope that we’ve piqued your interest about Interpersonal Mindfulness and would love for you to join use for this special pre-conference workshop. To register for the workshop, please click the Register button below.


Interpersonal Mindfulness