Workshop overview

There’s no greater gift you could grant yourself than the gift of health! Demands are high, stress is all-consuming, and medical claims are on the rise.  It’s time to create ease in life and learn simple strategies to achieve health as you succeed in business; there’s no need to sacrifice one for the other.

Angela will have attendees thinking differently about their health and feel inspired to be their own best advocate. They’ll know how to reduce stress, increase energy, boost productivity and understand not just what to eat, but why it’s important and how it impacts their long-term health.  Each member will be provided a daily reference guide to support them in the implementation of shared strategies and will create their personal action plan. This 4-hour workshop will be held at the conveniently located Akron General-Cleveland Clinic West. Healthy lunch will be provided. Participants are welcome to attend alone or with partners (workplace or other) and individuals from their team.

Feel Good, Look Good, For Life . . . As You Excel in Business!


This customized program begins with each attendee completing a health survey, so Angela can assess the specific challenges of the group and provide practical strategies to help members achieve health as they excel in their career.

The reality is that we all know what to do to achieve health but for some reason it’s just not happening. We’re taking care of everything and everyone else and as a result are fatigued, overweight and feeling so stressed we can’t sleep at night.

Even when you try and give it your all, you find yourself veering right back into the same old patterns, struggling to choose the apple over the doughnut and wishing for something more. . . more energy, more productivity, more happiness, more health. High demands, stress, lack of sleep and fatigue all feed this vicious cycle and just make life more challenging.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this difficult.

During this retreat experience, Angela will shift your perspective and have you thinking differently than ever before about your health. You’ll feel energized to achieve your goals as you excel in your career and have the tools to make it happen.

The key items that will be covered include:

  • Caring for your #1 Fan
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries for Increased Productivity
  • Understanding the Why, What and How of Whole-food Nutrition
  • Learning to Advocate: Label Reading Exercise
  • Practicing Simple Stress-Busting Techniques

Angela’s unique perspective stems from her own health journey; after overcoming a health crisis she was told would take her life, she’s made it her mission to help others.  Her expertise extends beyond nutrition to include stress management and life fulfillment.  Knowledge is power, but it is the implementation of the shared strategies that allows one to achieve their goals.  Each member will complete the healthy boundaries exercise, explore necessary changes to achieve their personal health goals and identify action steps to take in the weeks following the program.  Healthy leaders build healthy organizations and that affects every aspect of the bottom line.


We hope that we’ve piqued your interest and would love for you to join use for this special pre-conference workshop. Registration includes intimate lunch with Angela and a copy of her book Feel Good, Look Good, For Life. Registration is $500.00 per person and limited to the first 20 applicants. Hurry space will run out!  To register for the workshop, please click the Register button below.