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The Wellness 360 Conference is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization. Our vision is to help employers create a culture of health for their employees while focusing on gaining control over health care costs and improving productivity in the workplace.  The Wellness 360 Conference is your source for the latest trends, practices and innovations in employee wellness and population health management.

Exceptional talent

We gather exceptional talent with various backgrounds and perspectives, but they all share the same passion: empower people to live a healthy lifestyle.

A guiding theme

We continually strive to diversify and add new topics each year that will benefit our audience. We create a theme for every conference that guides our strategy in choosing speakers that will bring our ideas to light.

Helping people reach their goals

Executive committee members

Johanna Tanno

Executive Chair

Johanna Tanno Consulting, LLC

Alida Moonen

Executive Co-Chair


Jennifer Yates

Jennifer Yates



Wayne Jatsek

Chair of Finance

Healthy YOU

Committee members

Melissa Hendricks


Ashley Soyk

Ashley Soyk


Mary Lynne Zahler (AdHoc)

Akron Children’s Hospital

Bryce Rausch


Scott Mann

Scott Mann

Scott Mann Health and Fitness Solutions

 Laurie Celik

Registered Nurse (Retired)

Join us for our 10th annual Wellness 360 Conference on April 27, 2018!


Registration includes free breakfast, lunch, and free parking.
*Conference has applied for CEU’s