Nancy Rothstein

Nancy Rothstein

Director of Sleep Health at Resonea, Inc.

Nancy H. Rothstein

Director of Sleep Health

As The Sleep Ambassador®, Nancy inspires a new respect for sleep and its impact on all aspects of work,
life and well-being. Through consulting, public speaking, media engagements, writing, and other venues,
she presents strategic solutions selected to empower people to make lasting shifts to optimize their sleep
quality and quantity.

As Director of Sleep Health at Resonea®, Nancy consults and lectures on Sleep Wellness to Fortune 500
corporations, the travel industry, universities/schools and to organizations, reflecting her dedication to
educating and raising awareness about the importance of sleep to live at your best. Nancy and the Resonea
team offer research-based sleep programming and technologies to all employees at corporations and
organizations. As Nancy sees it, sleep is a risk management issue beckoning the attention of corporate
management. With decades of experience in the financial and corporate sectors, Nancy brings an
understanding of how sleep impacts performance, productivity, profitability, safety, health and health care
costs, for both employers and their employees. Her compelling Sleep Wellness presentations and training are
customized for the audience and workforce she is addressing. She brings strategic initiatives, solutions, and
tools selected to empower people to make lasting shifts to optimize their sleep quality and quantity. Nancy
collaborates with recognized medical and dental sleep experts, as well as with other leaders, organizations
and resources in the field of sleep. She has also authored articles and white papers about sleep and is often
interviewed by the media.

With a dedication to the health, learning and development of children, Nancy actively supports sleep
wellness research and programming initiatives for children and schools by advancing awareness and
solutions for teachers, parents and children of all ages to mitigate learning, developmental, behavioral and
health risks associated with inadequate sleep and sleep disorders.

Nancy recently completed her term as a member of the NIH’s Sleep Disorders Research Advisory Board, an
appointment recognizing her expertise in the field of sleep and role as a public and patient advocate. Serving
as a member of the Board of the American Sleep Apnea Association for nearly a decade, as well as currently
serving on the Steering Committee of and the Board of Directors of the Foundation for
Airway Health further reflect Nancy’s stature in the field of sleep and her dedication to diagnosis and
treatment of sleep disorders, as well as her commitment to improving people’s sleep and lives.

Inspired by personal experience, Nancy authored My Daddy Snores, a children’s book published by
Scholastic Inc. To date, the book has sold over 400,000 copies. She created a family-friendly website
(, offering viewers comprehensive resources about snoring, sleep apnea and sleep
in general. In 2008, Nancy created The Sleep Radio Show®, presented on Blog Talk Radio. All previous
shows are archived and available on iTunes.

Educational Degrees:
Nancy Rothstein has a B.A. from The University of Pennsylvania and an M.B.A. from the University of
Chicago Booth School of Business.